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ITFOR Areas of Business
As an SI company certified by and registered with METI, ITFOR is committed to provide a full range of ICT services. All the business components in ITFOR are closely interrelated to effectively solve customer issues.
ITFOR Areas of Business ITFOR Areas of Business ITFOR Areas of Business ITFOR Areas of Business ITFOR Areas of Business ITFOR Areas of Business


Financial Solution Systems

ITFOR develops solutions through consultations with customers.

  • No.1 in Credit Collection System (70% MKT share)
    • Loan Assessment Management System
    • Scoring System
    • Collecting System
  • Leader in Tele-Marketing System
  • Leader in Local Governments System (Specialty in school affairs)

CTI Systems

ITFOR provides call-center productivity improvements in view of cost-reduction, profitability and CSR.

  • Digital Multi-Media Logging Solutions Top in the market by joint effort with Nice (Israel)
  • ASPECT Unified Communication Portal
    Providing Call-Center SI services
  • SIP Call-Center Solutions

Retail Systems

ITFOR is a pioneer in POS.

  • RITS packaged solution
    Based on our long consultation and installation experience, ITFOR introduced open platform for retail service customers.

e-Commerce Systems

ITFOR is a pioneer in Japanese e-Commerce Systems.

  • ITFOReC packaged solution
    Based on our retail system consultation and installation experience, ITFOReC solution provide all the required intelligence to successfully launch EC business.

Network Systems

Network is a fundamental part of our business:

  • Corporate infrastructure network
    • Backbone network consultation & design
  • IP Service Business (for ISPs)
  • Edge Solutions (for Telecom Carriers)
  • Security Solutions
    • Network Security Solutions (Audit / Prevention / Consultation)
    • Personal Information Management

Software Division

Internal service division that provides:

  • Professional Services and Consultation services for our customers
  • ISO 9001 certified

Customer Services

ITFOR offers a 24-hour, 365-day real-time maintenance and monitoring system that covers its entire range of services, from system construction to operation, management, and emergency maintenance.

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